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Reviews – Advice for Expectant Fathers and New Dads

From the Baby Products Mommy Blog:

“Welcome to the Club, Daddy….Well that title has double meaning for this blog entry. You see my sweet daddy asked if he could write a guest blog about a great new book we are carrying in the stores. He felt, and I agreed, that it would be better for you guys to hear about this book from him, since he is a member of the club. So with out further adieu I would like to introduce you to my Daddy-Doug Tritton!!

I asked Anne to let me be a guest writer on her blog to tell you about a perfect Father’s Day gift for the soon to be father. I needed to be the one to write about this book because it is for men only. More on that later….but first let me introduce you to the author.

Phil Wrzesinski is a toy and juvenile specialty retailer in Jackson, Michigan. Somehow he also finds time to teach an expectant father’s class at his local hospital, be a published author, an accomplished educator at our industry conferences, a father and a husband. Over the years, I have heard a lot of motivational speakers, but what sets Phil apart from the rest is that his research lab is his store. Whatever he presents has been tested, tweaked and proven. The same goes for “ Welcome to the Club DADDY” All the Secrets About Becoming a Father (That No One is Telling You).

A few of my more senior staff thought this book a little “crass”. As I said, this book is not for women, it’s for men. Now I know some of you will be sneaking a peek and even underlining points that you want to be sure get across to your father-to-be. That’s okay, just don’t get offended, and remember it’s written by a man to a man.

I promise you will be the beneficiary of him reading it. If I had had this information 39 years ago, I would have been a much more understanding and supportive husband and father.

Doug Tritton”

Welcome to the Club Daddy Book for New Dads
The only* book an expectant father needs to read.

From the Judge in the Writer’s Digest 21st Annual Self-Published Book Awards:

“This handy book is a good primer for men about to become fathers. It is laced with practical advice that goes beyond most books of this type. The writing, while often tongue-in-cheek, is always on target with candid and sensible tips and pointers. Among the many subjects covered are breastfeeding, diaper changes, diaper rashes, crying, burping, and all the many problems and issues new parents may experience. Key subjects also encompass preparations for the birth, assisting at the birth at the hospital, post-birth hormonal changes for women, recognition of being supportive to one’s better half while being “second” to the new-born during the nurturing process, etc. Resumption of making love is also discussed in a no-nonsense fashion. Financial considerations are covered. New fathers are also presented with the array of baby products likely to enter their lives and hands. Excellent check lists help to reinforce all the knowledge imparted. Many perceptive quotes from various luminaries enhance the fast moving text. The front cover is quite vivid and appealing. The rear cover also works well in luring readers.”