The Perfect Book for New Dads or Expectant Fathers

Welcome to the Club Daddy is the only* book a new dad needs to read.  Honest!

Unlike the medical advice books for fathers on the market, you’ll find this daddy book easy to read, full of humor, and spot-on with tips and tricks every new dad needs in their daddy tool kit. It is written by Phil Wrzesinski, a father of two who has been teaching new dads everything he knows since 2003.

With fun stories, anecdotes and real-life examples, you’ll get all the information you need to bring your baby home while also taking care of the mom-to-be.

Welcome to the Club Daddy will tell you what they neglect to tell you in prenatal classes.  It will shorten your learning curve by months.  It will even improve your sex life (see page 58).

Most importantly, this book will make you cool.

Read this book and you will learn…

  • How to help mom recover from pregnancy faster and better
  • Why babies cry and how to deal with them
  • What to do during the delivery – even if there is a complication
  • How to make your Mother and Mother-in-Law relationships stronger than ever
  • How and where you can save thousands of dollars on the new baby
  • The best communication advice for married men ever.  Period.
  • Two important reminders that make your new life with the baby far less stressful

Yes, all that is packed into this short, fun, easy-to-read book for new dads.

It is the perfect shower gift for new dads, the perfect Father’s Day gift for expectant fathers, and the best advice new dads can get to make their wives brag about them for years.

Welcome to the Club Daddy Book for New Dads
The only* book an expectant father needs to read.

*Disclaimer:  Phil’s lawyer told him to take out the word “only”.  He left it in.  They compromised with this disclaimer.  Get used to compromise.  It comes in handy.