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Author Phil Wrzesinski wrote "Welcome to the Club, Daddy"
Phil with his two boys.

I’m not a medical professional and I’ve never played one on TV. I’m just the dad of two wonderful boys who had interesting passages into this world.  

Back in 2003, the Stork Club program at Allegiance Health in Jackson, Michigan asked me if I would teach a new class called Baby 101: The Basics for New Dads. I asked them what they wanted me to cover. They said to teach the guys how to change a diaper and then whatever I wanted for the next two hours. Oh boy, this is gonna be fun!

I decided to pack the class with tons of info that no one ever tells you, yet keep it fun, light-hearted, and still practical. That’s what new dads need to prep them for their new role in life.

Many parents come up to me months or even years later to thank me for the class. Especially the moms!!

This book is the same fun, practical advice I give to expectant fathers in the class. It is not meant to be a medical reference or the bible for raising children, just the lessons I’ve learned on my journey into fatherhood that other dads will find handy in their own journeys.

When not playing daddy, I have had many jobs including being a top-level retailer. While my boys were growing up, I had the best job any kid could want his dad to have. I owned and operated Toy House and Baby Too, one of the 25 Best Independent Stores in America (as designated in the book, “Retail Superstars”). Now I travel the country as a business consultant, and speak to audiences on a wide variety of topics. My passion is simple – Have Fun Helping Others. Whether installing a car seat, teaching parents about toys, or helping other independent retailers achieve their success, my joy comes from helping you.

I also love writing. I have a blog for independent retailers at PhilsForum.com and have written two books for businesses, “Hiring and the Potter’s Wheel: Turning Your Staff Into a Work of Art” and “Financials You Can Understand: The Building Blocks of a Successful Toy Store”. You can learn more about me at www.PhilsForum.com, or contact me. I love to hear from you.